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Take charge as freshly-hired camp counselors and rescue campers from natural nasties, supernatural spooks, as well as a mysterious maniac in a retro side-scrolling survival-horror adventure set in the wetlands of New Jersey. Can you uncover the dark secrets lurking within the Pine Barrens?

The Story of No-Pi-Ba-Ca

Salvador Bolero welcomes you to No-Pi-Ba-Ca! Nestled in the heart of New Jersey's Pine Barrens, we are a camp retreat for troubled youth. Our unique approach involves counseling children with the aid of survival training in the forest. However, we need your help!

The camp is teeming with danger. The Barrens are alive, as animals and insects breed aggressively, posing a threat not just to the children but to the staff as well. That's where you come in, alongside four other camp counselors, to patrol our grounds. Keep the kids safe and maintain order, and we might just make it through the week unscathed...

Mysteries of 'the Barrens'

But animals are not our only concern at No-Pi-Ba-Ca. Mysterious lights glide through the woods at night. Sounds of wings too large to belong to any bat echo among the trees. And let's not forget the bodies that have found their final resting place in New Jersey's marshes.

An unseen force is disrupting the natural—and perhaps even the supernatural—balance. Can you uncover the truth?

Game Mechanics

Brace yourself for seven days and nights of relentless defense against vicious animals and eerie occurrences. Take control of a team of five counselors, patrolling the paths and ensuring everyone's safety. Be ready to respond to calls for help, equipped to face whatever lurks in the shadows. Unearth hidden clues and tools to battle the nightmares emerging from the depths of New Jersey's lore and history. Delve into the malevolence that stalks The Barrens.

Gameplay Featuring